Long-Term Care Insurance

Chances are, you may live a long life. If so, you may be more likely to have an extended illness or accident as you get older.

You’ve worked hard to keep your family and finances safe. But if you need care:

  • Who will take care of you?
  • How will you pay for your expenses?
  • What will providing care do to your family and finances?

Long-term care insurance can help with all these concerns … so you can help avoid from becoming a burden and help keep your independence, while still getting the care you choose.

We can customize a long-term care insurance policy to help fit your individual needs:

    Comprehensive — can provide the broadest amount of coverage, with benefits for nursing homes and other facilities, as well as home health care.

    Facility — can provide coverage for nursing homes and other facilities, with options to add home health care benefits.

    Home Health Care — can provide benefits for people who prefer to stay at home, including services for adult day care and hospice care.

Learn how long-term care insurance can help protect your family and finances.

Wendy Bahl is licensed in Long Term Care Partnerships for the states of Iowa and Wisconsin.
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